Here we are! The second half of “Dressing Boys for the Holidays” (see the first part here). This time, I relied on my old stand-by, Crewcuts, to give me ideas about what the dudes will be wearing (but most kids stores have pieces that work in the same way). To get them dressed and out the door with minimal complaining, I’m going to use the “trick them with comfort” ploy. However, with the super dressed up outfit I might have to go straight candy…

THE NUTCRACKER – Fancy all the way with a slight twist – it’s hard to feel stuffy in blue velvet.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY SING: Traditional, but with some unexpected pattern mixing that makes him stand out.

SANTA PHOTO OP: Who says hanging with Santa needs to be a formal event? The sweater pulls it together, but the relaxed feel of everything else makes standing in line a lot easier.

CLASS PARTY: Free dress day practically screams jeans, pair them with a festive t-shirt and a jolly flannel and he’ll look like he tried with out actually trying.

CHRISTMAS MORNING: Christmas pjs are a tradition in our house, but I try to get them ones that don’t look silly when they’re still wearing them in February.

Final Tip: I’ve found that when I make sure the boys’ clothes actually fit properly, it makes a world of difference in how “together” they look. Even the nicest trouser and button-down combo looks sloppy when it’s too big!

Happy Holidays!

Claudia, WCM



It’s only December 10th and I’m already feeling a little punchy about where to place our Elf On The Shelf. We even got a little lazy this year and had him arrive last Sunday. He usually makes his appearance right after Thanksgiving. Charlie Handsome Brown, that’s our elf’s name, ( the kids came up with that by the way, maybe that’s obvious, but I needed to say it to give myself a small grain of dignity). He’s been with us since my son was three years old. He is now nine. I’m not sure how much more clever I can get or for how many years I’ll be able to keep this up. There’s nothing like waking up in a panic in the morning, praying your kids are still asleep so you can move your magical elf to his new spot before they wake up! I just didn’t realize it would be this much work when I bought this cute little box/elf/idea! Don’t get me wrong, it’s super cute how excited my kids get about his arrival and where he’ll be every day. It brings a huge smile to my face to see them believing in the fantasy of the elf talking to Santa about them. Which brings me to another thing that’s getting a little old, how I catch myself talking to my kids and saying asinine things like this “the elf can hear you two fighting”, “uh oh Santa is going to hear about that from Charlie Handsome Brown ” and “I swear to god you better knock it off because the elf is going to tell Santa”. WTF! Yes, I really have said all those things, probably even worse. This is what I have been reduced to on some level. I am trying to use an Elf to make my kids behave better knowing full well that they are going to get almost everything they want for Christmas regardless.

Dilyn, WCM


With the holiday season in full swing, I find there’s a lot to do and looking “festive” seems to be on the list. Whether it’s the school holiday pageant, annual cookie exchange, office cocktail party or Christmas Eve dinner, I need to be there and I need to look like I know what time of year it is. The above items, in almost any combination, fulfill that need. I pair them with either jeans or skinny black pants, boots or heels and I’m good to go. So, If you’ve got somewhere to be and you’re tired of your go-to holiday sweater, grab a couple of these pieces and you’ll be feeling festive in no time.

Claudia, WCM



Claudia, age 5

Here I am, very happy on Christmas Eve. We had many “night before” traditions and some of them are evident in this picture. We always had “Christmas Nightgowns” that we would wear for the first time on Christmas Eve – this one is no doubt a Lanz of Salzburg number. We also got to pick one present to open. Usually it was something small, but I am clearly angling for this big one to the right of me. (There is no way that happened.) I don’t know why I’m wearing clogs, but maybe it was to help wade through the crazy green ultra-long shag carpeting that is attacking me.


Dilyn, age 5

It looks as though I was interrupted while seriously pondering which gift to open in this picture. I also had similar “night before” tradition’s like Claudia. We wore new jammies and got to open one gift on Christmas Eve, usually a small one too. This nightgown became one of my favorites, although it looks like it’s just a big pink t-shirt, it was actually very dramatic with flowy, butterfly like sleeves, soooo 70’s.

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM



This was us last night trick or treating in our neighborhood. It kind of looks like we (the adults) were having the better time. This was at the end of the evening though and werewolf, pink bat-girl and purple bat-girl were pooped. I must say things have changed a lot since I was a kid or we weren’t trick or treating in as a nice of a neighborhood. Either way I don’t remember people offering wine and food to the parents. One house had a chili cook off. It was delicious by the way, they even had pasta for the kids! Along with candy of course. A really good time all around! I love Halloween!


One of the only photos that wasn’t totally blurry.

It’s ridiculous that this is the best picture that I could get of these two “Power Rangers” last night. They were SUPER excited, ready to trick or treat and standing around posing was not top of their priority list. It was a great evening: Miles, now a seasoned pro, was off and running with friends and cousins before we could say: “Don’t forget to say thank you!” and “Stay out of the street!” And Duke, a first timer (because it doesn’t count when you’re in a stroller), was feeling good, walking up to houses like he’d been doing it forever, and saying “Hi” and “Grrrrrr!” to anyone who crossed his path. All in all (bad photos aside) a perfect Halloween night!

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM


Halloween is this Thursday, and even though I’m not “dressing up”, when I take the kids out I’ve got to wear something. It’s usually around this time of year when LA evenings get a bit chilly, so I like to keep my trick or treating outfits comfortable and unfussy (no bag, just pockets) with a layer or two for when it gets late. Here’s what I like for this year:

  • a plaid button-down in autumn hues
  • skinny jeans
  • a comfy boot with a little edge
  • bright scarf (this color is actually called “pumpkin seed orange”)
  • spooky earrings to say, “Yes, I know it’s Halloween!”
  • short-sleeved lightweight wool cape (if the weather is fairly mild)
  • a toasty yellow parka (if there’s a cold snap)
  • Stanley mug to bring along a pumpkin spice latte (or maybe some wine?)

Happy Haunting!

Claudia, WCM