PJK Patterson J. Kincaid x Man Repeller

Question: What gives edge to something dressy, pulls together jeans and a tee and generally adds awesome-ness to any outfit?

Answer: The Utility Jacket.

I’m obsessed with utility jackets. Military green ones to be exact.  I have too many and wear them constantly. There’s the heavy one lined with shearling for chilly early-morning school runs. The lightweight silky one perfect for tossing on in summertime air-conditioned rooms. The crisp tailored one that takes even the most casual outfit up a notch. The soft faded one that I grab again and again. They all have their purposes and I love them all.

So, if you’re looking for that extra layer and you haven’t tried this jacket of all trades yet, you may want to give one a try this fall.

Claudia, WCM



w_toothpick_v2_m56577569831682329I have a few clothing items that I obsess over and buy multiples of, and the denim shirt is among them.

At the moment I have four and counting. This one from J Crew will be number five.  I love the faded wash and western styling. And the button placement allows for some sexiness without showing too much.

Incidentally, for years I was only wearing them with any pant other than a jean, but lately I’ve been pretty much living in some incarnation of the outfit above and have been very happy.  Isn’t it funny how something can look so wrong to us one minute and so right the next?

Do you have one thing you keep buying over and over?

Claudia, WCM



With a two year old still waking up in the middle of the night and an energetic nine-year old, it’s no surprise that I’m tired. Yet, there are many mornings (okay, every morning) when I look in the mirror and think: “Ugh! I didn’t know I was THAT tired!” Those days I reach for Laura Mercier’s foundation primer in Radiance. It’s not a makeup, so it’s completely sheer, yet it does something. It gives a slight glow, blurs imperfections… I can’t exactly put my finger on what it’s doing, but it changes my “Ugh!” to “Okay, now I can get on with it.” And really, aside from a nap, that’s all I’m looking for.

Claudia, WCM



Dilyn- age 5, cranky…

Grrrrr…. looks like I was upset about something. Not sure what? I was at the beach and wearing a cute top, what more could a girl ask for? I bet I was begging my mom or dad to go in the water with me. At what age is it that we all of a sudden just don’t want to swim in the pool or ocean? We can spend hours on end in the water as a kid, but as an adult we’d rather lounge near by instead of go in. (Note to self, try to swim more with my kids when they beg me)  I think my husband would agree  that I still make that face sometimes when I’m cranky. ( hmmm some thing else to note, not such a cute cranky face Dilyn)


Claudia – age 3, pouting…

This photo totally cracks me up. I wish I knew what I was pouting about. I can tell by the outfit that we were at the park, so maybe I was mad that we left? Or maybe I was being a pain in the neck and my punishment was that we left? Either way, clearly I was trying to give someone a guilt trip with my “Woe is me” look. And clearly it wasn’t working since they thought it was so amusing they took a picture. One thing I do know is that no matter how long I sat there sulking, I definitely didn’t change my parents’ mind – they were impressively good with follow-through!


Claudia and Dilyn, WCM



These long, warm days bring with them trips to the beach, pool parties and park runs, not to mention pot luck BBQ’s and picnics. I find myself reaching daily for my LL Bean bag and it reminded me of an old post I wrote. Thought I’d share it again!

My favorite tote appears as though it’s been through the wars and quite frankly it’s never looked better. The L.L. Bean Boat and Tote is a total classic. It’s clean lines and durability make it a must have for anyone who has to carry stuff. Any stuff. Any time.

It’s been everywhere with me: beaches, parks, planes and trains. It’s carried picnics, baby gear, groceries, firewood, beach toys and unintentionally lots of sand. And although I might get a new one (more kids = more stuff) my old faithful will never be retired.

How do you haul it all?

Claudia, WCM