Duke Christmas Outfit

Duke, looking warm.

Here is Duke, age 1, in maybe the cutest outfit that he will ever wear in his entire life. It was Christmas and he had just started walking. It was adorable. Now, at the tender age of 3, he gives me a hard time about his clothes. (For instance he flat out refuses to wear a sweater. Or a jacket. Or anything that even remotely keeps him warm.) But, hey, at least I have this picture…


Something about the hat from Claudia’s picture made me gravitate to this picture of Clover. This actually was at Christmas time. You wouldn’t know it though with the beach behind her, but that’s Christmas in LA! I adore the expression on her face. So sweet and those big beautiful blue eyes. They get me every time!


Happy Friday!!!

Claudia and Dilyn


Books are a big part of my life. I like to read them, look at them, feel them, smell them… And I love giving them as gifts – especially big, glossy coffee table versions that create an impact. Added bonus: I find that a fabulous book is a great choice for those on my list who are hard to shop for. Here are a few that I’m considering that might be right for the challenging giftees on your list too:

Vanity Fair Book

For the culture vulture: Vanity Fair 100 Years

The Kate Moss Book

For the fashionable one: The Kate Moss Book

Slim Aarons La Dolce Vita Book

For the aesthete: Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita

Rock n Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip

For the music lover: Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip

Shake Book

For the dog lover: Shake

Los Angeles- Portrait of a City

For the proud Angeleno (or enthusiastic transplant): Los Angeles: Portrait of a City

Jerusalem Cookbook

For the cook with a taste for adventure: Jerusalem a Cookbook

Beautiful Lego

For the Lego lover of any age: Beautiful Lego

Moments That Made the Movies

For the movie buff: Moments That Made The Movies 

Happy gifting! Happy reading!

Claudia, WCM


On a friends referral I tried this sparkling juice, she said it was her favorite from TJ’S! Since we dedicate Tuesday’s to all our favorites from there, I thought… I must try it. Well, It does not disappoint, it’s really, really good. Don’t look at the sugar content,  just sip and enjoy. It’s also a nice non-alcoholic alternative beverage to bring to a party and a fun one for the kids to drink too!

P.S. sorry for no photo,  but it’s sparkling juice damn it! I’m not nearly as talented as my co-blogger when it comes to photography. She would have come up with something fabulous for a glass of juice, she can’t help it, she’s just like that.

Dilyn, WCM


Here we are! The second half of “Dressing Boys for the Holidays” (see the first part here). This time, I relied on my old stand-by, Crewcuts, to give me ideas about what the dudes will be wearing (but most kids stores have pieces that work in the same way). To get them dressed and out the door with minimal complaining, I’m going to use the “trick them with comfort” ploy. However, with the super dressed up outfit I might have to go straight candy…

THE NUTCRACKER – Fancy all the way with a slight twist – it’s hard to feel stuffy in blue velvet.

SCHOOL HOLIDAY SING: Traditional, but with some unexpected pattern mixing that makes him stand out.

SANTA PHOTO OP: Who says hanging with Santa needs to be a formal event? The sweater pulls it together, but the relaxed feel of everything else makes standing in line a lot easier.

CLASS PARTY: Free dress day practically screams jeans, pair them with a festive t-shirt and a jolly flannel and he’ll look like he tried with out actually trying.

CHRISTMAS MORNING: Christmas pjs are a tradition in our house, but I try to get them ones that don’t look silly when they’re still wearing them in February.

Final Tip: I’ve found that when I make sure the boys’ clothes actually fit properly, it makes a world of difference in how “together” they look. Even the nicest trouser and button-down combo looks sloppy when it’s too big!

Happy Holidays!

Claudia, WCM



WCM - Christmas cousins

Here is Miles with his twin cousins, Betty and Alex. They were all dressed up for Gailma and Pop’s annual tree trimming party. The twins had recently moved to LA, and Miles was totally thrilled to have cousins his age to play with!  It was all very festive and cute, and a total blast. Note: My sister, who is not the sort of Mom that would encourage a “Santa Dress”, put her own fashion ideas aside and allowed Betty to choose her outfit for the party.  As you can see from Miles’ ensemble, I was not so generous…

P.S. Speaking of twins – look how angelic Dilyn’s kids – Dash, Finley and Clover – look in the below picture from the party. Despite the bad influences in the middle, they are calm and smiling beautifully. Now, that’s some good parenting.

WCM - Christmas friends

 Claudia you are way too kind. I think they were all smiles because they were waiting for pizza!


This is one of my favorite Christmas pictures because he looks SO HAPPY and that’s what Christmas is all about. The joy it brings. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of it all, but we do it for the little smiling faces and the joy it brings them. I also love this picture because he’s so happy with the picture ornament that he made in preschool that year. That was him putting it on the tree! (every year he still likes to put it on the tree) Merry, Merry!!!

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM