This month in Real Simple, I read about some families that use the “something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read”  idea of gift giving. I think it’s a really cool notion, so this year my Christmas list is inspired by that streamlined concept:

KHall peony candle

Something You Want: K Hall Design Peony candle – the perfect subtle scent of my favorite flower.

aesop resurrection
aesop geranium

Something You Need: Well everyone NEEDS to wash up, right? Why not do it with really cool soap?

jcrew sweater w: lace
    netaporter - rag and bone jeans

Something To Wear: With a puffer vest and sneakers – weekend ease,
with a blazer and heel – office ready. Love it when an outfit can do double duty!

The Madwoman in the Volvo - Sandra Tsing Loh

Something To Read: One of my favorite authors – she cracks me up every time.

Well that’s my list – what’s yours?!

Claudia, WCM


On a friends referral I tried this sparkling juice, she said it was her favorite from TJ’S! Since we dedicate Tuesday’s to all our favorites from there, I thought… I must try it. Well, It does not disappoint, it’s really, really good. Don’t look at the sugar content,  just sip and enjoy. It’s also a nice non-alcoholic alternative beverage to bring to a party and a fun one for the kids to drink too!

P.S. sorry for no photo,  but it’s sparkling juice damn it! I’m not nearly as talented as my co-blogger when it comes to photography. She would have come up with something fabulous for a glass of juice, she can’t help it, she’s just like that.

Dilyn, WCM



Claudia, age 7

I tagged along when my Mom was having a photo shoot and the photographer thought I was being “very patient”, so he took a pic of me. I am wearing my favorite t-shirt – I loved the braids – and the weirdly huge barrettes that were almost always in my hair. The picture is one of my faves because I got to hang out with my Mom – just the two of us (a rarity when you have siblings) and because I remember how excited I was that the film was black and white. In the color saturated 70’s, it made me feel very grown-up and glamorous!


Dilyn, age 7

What I love most about this picture is that I look so happy, so content.  There I am with my dog Polly, my pal. She followed me every where, let me dress her up in clothes, push her around in my baby doll pram and try to carry her like a baby. ( yes, I really did try to do that and often) What more could a little girl want from her dog? I adored her.

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM


We are lucky to live in a town/city filled with lot’s of creative people who work in the movie business. I say this because every year at Halloween we go to a place called Boney Island. This is a house that is spectacularly decorated for Halloween. Supposedly the owner works in the film business in some capacity. At least that’s what I’ve heard. Either way, when I say decorated I don’t mean your usual run of the mill decorations. He has flying skeletons, singing bushes and a bright green water show timed to music to name a few. There are so many fun and magical things at Boney Island it’s amazing. He does it all for free too. This year we took our Mimi who is here visiting form up north. It didn’t disappoint, she was impressed and as always the kids loved it!


Dilyn, WCM