Duke Christmas Outfit

Duke, looking warm.

Here is Duke, age 1, in maybe the cutest outfit that he will ever wear in his entire life. It was Christmas and he had just started walking. It was adorable. Now, at the tender age of 3, he gives me a hard time about his clothes. (For instance he flat out refuses to wear a sweater. Or a jacket. Or anything that even remotely keeps him warm.) But, hey, at least I have this picture…


Something about the hat from Claudia’s picture made me gravitate to this picture of Clover. This actually was at Christmas time. You wouldn’t know it though with the beach behind her, but that’s Christmas in LA! I adore the expression on her face. So sweet and those big beautiful blue eyes. They get me every time!


Happy Friday!!!

Claudia and Dilyn


WCM - Christmas cousins

Here is Miles with his twin cousins, Betty and Alex. They were all dressed up for Gailma and Pop’s annual tree trimming party. The twins had recently moved to LA, and Miles was totally thrilled to have cousins his age to play with!  It was all very festive and cute, and a total blast. Note: My sister, who is not the sort of Mom that would encourage a “Santa Dress”, put her own fashion ideas aside and allowed Betty to choose her outfit for the party.  As you can see from Miles’ ensemble, I was not so generous…

P.S. Speaking of twins – look how angelic Dilyn’s kids – Dash, Finley and Clover – look in the below picture from the party. Despite the bad influences in the middle, they are calm and smiling beautifully. Now, that’s some good parenting.

WCM - Christmas friends

 Claudia you are way too kind. I think they were all smiles because they were waiting for pizza!


This is one of my favorite Christmas pictures because he looks SO HAPPY and that’s what Christmas is all about. The joy it brings. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of it all, but we do it for the little smiling faces and the joy it brings them. I also love this picture because he’s so happy with the picture ornament that he made in preschool that year. That was him putting it on the tree! (every year he still likes to put it on the tree) Merry, Merry!!!

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM




Claudia, age 7

I tagged along when my Mom was having a photo shoot and the photographer thought I was being “very patient”, so he took a pic of me. I am wearing my favorite t-shirt – I loved the braids – and the weirdly huge barrettes that were almost always in my hair. The picture is one of my faves because I got to hang out with my Mom – just the two of us (a rarity when you have siblings) and because I remember how excited I was that the film was black and white. In the color saturated 70’s, it made me feel very grown-up and glamorous!


Dilyn, age 7

What I love most about this picture is that I look so happy, so content.  There I am with my dog Polly, my pal. She followed me every where, let me dress her up in clothes, push her around in my baby doll pram and try to carry her like a baby. ( yes, I really did try to do that and often) What more could a little girl want from her dog? I adored her.

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM


Cap musical chairs-1

Claudia and friends at her 5th birthday party.

Here we are at my 5th birthday party, with a full-length view of my famous bicentennial costume. (See why I loved it so much? I mean, Revolution Princess Barbie, right there.) That aside, what’s interesting to me about this photo is the rest of the outfits. At first I thought: “Oh it looks so ’70’s.” And then I realized that it doesn’t at all. The two boys look like they just walked out of Tilly’s, the headless teenager did a quick Urban Outfitters run before the party and for some reason my little sister is dressed as Sally from Mad Men. Really, the only person who looks “so 70’s” is me and it’s totally the wrong century.

P.S. Do you see that killer look in my eyes? Don’t mess with me in a game of musical chairs…

Di Friend Dolls

Dilyn and my friend Aloma,  5 years old

This is me with my childhood friend Aloma.  As I write this post and look at the photo,  I realize it kinda looks like I have a penis in my pants!!!  Awkward… I guess that goes along with what Claudia said about my outfit though, she called it  “my feminist Holly Hobby look” not that Holly Hobby has a penis. And check out my  baby doll with a tan…

Happy Friday!

Dilyn and Claudia, WCM


Paris Knights

Sir Miles and Sir Duke – Halloween 2014

Here’s a pic of the Paris Knights getting ready to attack the trick or treating scene. Miles was very into his costume and ready to take on any number of villains and/or armies. Duke was ready to do whatever his big brother was ready to do. It was an exceptionally fun evening that ended with two very gallant, but exhausted boys, falling into bed with smiles on their faces (and waaay too much candy in their tummies).


IMG_1227 (1)

Dash, Clover and Finley

Here are my goofballs getting into character to spook everyone on Halloween. The Phantom of darkness, zombie ballerina and midnight mischief (don’t ask, horrible name for a cute spiderish type outfit ) We had so much fun, we got so much candy and we were thoroughly exhausted by 9:00pm!


Happy Friday!!!

Claudia and Dilyn, WCM


Miles Halloween 2006 2

Miles, 16 months

Here is Miles’ first real taste of Halloween. He was only one-ish but we were very excited to have him experience some Halloween traditions. Earlier that day we had gone to a carnival and then there was the trick or treating, (which was just Rob or me walking him up to houses and saying “trick or treat!”, like dorks) and finally we went to a friend’s party – which is where this shot was taken. I love that he looks completely confused and this is what I imagine he is thinking:

“Hey – you in the crazy outfit! You got some candy there? I keep seeing all this candy, but nobody’s giving me any. I mean, I’d get some myself, but my parents stuck me in this swing. Also, what the hell am I wearing? Oh, really? Okay, no pun intended. I gotta tell ya, this whole night’s been weird. So, about that candy…”

Coincidentally my favorite Halloween costumes to date for my kids are all when they were two. I’m thinking partly because I got to choose their costumes with out too much fuss about it from them. It helps that pretty much no matter what you put them in at that age they look adorable! My little butterflies still play with those wings and this year Dashiel wanted to be Dash from the Incredibles again. I couldn’t find one in his size though… sniff, sniff, they were all to small.

Happy Friday!

Claudia and Dilyn