Dilyn Murphy and Claudia Paris have been friends since 2001 when they were introduced by a mutual friend and joined “the most fun book club ever”. Through the years they have had kids, been stay-at-home moms, been working moms, moved, traveled, started a business and generally done the things one does when transitioning from early 30’s to early 40’s. Their friends have been urging/bugging/coaxing C and D to blog. On fashion tips. On mom tips. On anything and everything. While working on a style book for one of their clients, they thought: “Why not?!” So…here it is. A place for them to share their current obsessions: sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s life, sometimes it’s just things that are pretty.



Claudia Paris is a born and bred Angeleno who strives to find the balance between being true to herself and true to her motherhood.  She is inspired daily by her city, friends, husband and two sons. (And lots of other things that she will totally write about on this blog.)


Dilyn Murphy is a native Californian who was raised in the Hollywood Hills by a couple of hippy actors. After finding love and getting married, she had three beautiful kids who are a daily reminder that there is no such thing as being a “perfect mother” or doing it “right”.

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  1. Oh, I dearly love this. It makes me feel so much closer to home being able to read what you two are up to! Plus, I’m obviously going to buy a denim shirt and make a TJ’s run asap thanks to your recommendations. Oh, and I finished Rules of Civility yesterday. So so good. xxo

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