This week all three of my kids have their holiday performances at school and Friday begins our three week winter break. Holy crap….my plate is full, full of all the million things I need to do, get and be. It’s a lot! This time of year feels like a lot, topped off with you need to be grateful and appreciate every damn second because before you know it, it will be gone! Poof, just like that and you’ll be wishing for it all back. To be honest I feel that way December 26th some years. Like I should have done more Christmasy things with the kids, baked more, created more memories – oh and traditions!!

The pressure, Christmas can feel like a lot of pressure to do, get and be a lot!! Did I already mention that? I did and with that said, I am going to tattoo on my forehead a quote by Brene Brown that I love. “Is this a part of us or the show and must it go on?” This is going to be my mantra. Okay let’s be realistic I am going to try and have this be my mantra whenever I can remember it! The key being remembering it;  because the truth is, so much of it can start to feel like it’s all about the stuff out there. Instead of what we all want right here, in the moment, in our hearts. Connection, connection with the people we love. We want to laugh and connect and feel a little joy. A small reprieve from the day to day life that just keeps on lifeing. (big deep breath and exhale) So as I’m about to start my week I will pause and ask myself is this a part of us or the show? Then I will try to stay true to “us”, because the “us” is the only thing that really matters! If I can do that to the best of my ability all the rest will fall into place.

Below a goofy picture of me and my family because nothing feels better than being goofy and laughing with them. ( Like how I’m being all smiles and they’ve decided to do funny….ahhhh)

2014-04-07 18.01.18

Here’s to the Holidays, go forth and make them the best you can…. all of it!


Dilyn, WCM

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